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I thought starting a baby on solids would be fun, and it was - for the first few weeks. Now, it's tiresome and extremely messy. Cooking three meals a day, batch steaming vegetables then heating frozen purees, prepping and shopping takes up a lot of time. The end goal (almost there) is getting them eating what you are - it makes you healthier and life easier.

Here are some things I bought for cooking, serving and storing food.

Bamboo bowls and plates, in beautiful colours, biodegradable, unbreakable and safe by Ekobu.
The only completely plastic free sippy bottle I could find - stainless steel and silicon Pura. It can convert from a teat bottle, to a sippy bottle to a straw to finally a drink bottle top.
Silicon freezing trays and spoons (they chew them, BPA free is great but better to be rid of plastic entirely).
Enamel or glass storage boxes for the freezer (variety of sizes is a good idea).
The River Cottage Baby Cookbook

And here are some ideas of things to serve (I'm not a health professional by any means, this is just what I've been doing at 8 months).

Green smoothies (from a spoon), spinach, coconut milk or water, chia, frozen banana, cinnamon
Porridge (oat or quinoa), plain or with fruit (banana, berries, mango, grated apple) cooked with milk or water (coconut, formula, oat) with cinnamon and ground vanilla.
Bits of cut up fruit - raspberries, banana, mango, papaya, blueberries
Mashed cooked fruit - pears, apples.
Chunks of cold tofu.
Mini fish cakes (potato, lemon zest, flaked white fish, parsley, pepper).
Mashed veggies (lentil and squash, lentil and carrot with coconut oil and coriander and garlic, lentil and sweet potato, sweet potato and spinach).
Finely chopped brown rice pasta with broccoli and cheese sauce.
Baby falafel (no salt, baked not fried).
These muffins without the added nuts, seeds or chocolate chips (I used blueberries instead).
Half an avocado, mashed.
Warmed, cut up corn tortilla, some cut up cherry tomatoes, pieces of mozzarella.
Baked sweet potato pieces, mashed black beans, avocado, yoghurt.

And some places to find more ideas for meals...

One Handed Cooks
Young Gums
Camille Styles

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