hey baby: a simple, natural nursery

I found it a little difficult to find simple, stylish, safe baby products that worked with the rest of my home. For some unfathomable reason, most easily available baby stuff seems to be plastic, polyester, lime green or in primary colours. Also, I think there's a lot of scaremongering and playing on a new mother's insecurities to purchase lots and lots of unnecessary and expensive things.

Here, a list of minimal and beautiful things I've found, purchased and like. I haven't bought things I felt were unnecessary but everyone's different: you might want a baby monitor, bouncer, nappy bag or whatever, I tried to just get things that seemed unavoidable and then see what I need once the baby arrives. You can't really use breast pumps or bottles until they're around 6 weeks old; and they're not really interested in toys until that age either. I'll do a separate post on the toys, books and clothing I like next week.

Ikea Sniglar Crib
Affordable, yes. But also the most simple design I could find; and the only one that I found made of untreated wood (beech), something important to me for avoiding offgassing (the fumes that come with new furniture).

Little Green Sheep Crib Mattress
A natural mattress made of wool; since the baby spends so much time on this I wanted to make sure it was free of chemicals and flame retardants and all those bad things. This one is good as you can flip it over to a different firmness once the child is older.

Naturepedic Changing Mat
I felt like the baby will spend a lot of time on this, so chose to buy a slightly pricier changing pad. Again, it was the only one I could find that didn't have flame retardants and a plastic cover.

Numero 74 Changing Mat Cover
I love this French brand, the washed linen fabrics are so soft and the colours are neutral and clean. I bought a soft grey one.

Weleda Calendula Changing Balm, Baby Oil and Baby Wash
I've used Weleda throughout my pregnancy and it's the cleanest product I could find, I love the natural scents and it's really affordable too.

Numero 74 Quilts, Cushions and Pillows
Again, this French brand has gorgeous soft linen pillows, quilts and decorative cushions, I bought them in a range of greys.

Nature Baby Moses Basket
I love Nature Baby, it's an iconic New Zealand brand with a beautiful range of organic products. This Moses Basket is simple and lovely with a natural mattress insert.

Nature Baby Sheets and Blankets
I bought white organic crib sheets, Moses basket sheets and a couple of soft blankets from Nature Baby too.

Nature Baby Sleeping Bag
Sleeping bags seem much safer and easier than blankets and sheets; we got a few of these in different weights. I like the simple designs and organic cottons they come in.

Stokke Baby Carrier
This was the only carrier I could find that was made of a fabric designed for a hotter climate. It's simple and looks kind of like a backpack, comes in all black, works in multiple positions (front and out facing as well as on the back) so it can be used for almost three years; has been approved by the Hip Dysplasia Foundation and will fit both me and my husband.

BabyZen Yoyo Plus Stroller
I think strollers are very personal choices based on budget,  location and situation. I was after something that was lightweight and small as Hong Kong is hilly, we don't have a car and there are often stairs and escalators to deal with; plus we travel a lot. This French brand is great, the base converts from newborn to six months and can be used until around two years of age; looks stylish and comes in all black; works with most carseats; folds up to carry on size and is super light.

Cybex Aton Q Carseat
As with a stroller, a carseat seems like a very personal decision. I wanted one that would work with the stroller we'd chosen, came in all black and has a high safety rating; as well as being suitable for a newborn right through to 18 months. This ticked all the boxes.

Baby Wrap
I got this soft, stretchy black baby wrap by Solly.

You could go crazy here, I tried to keep it minimal and just bought multipacks of newborn size white socks, mittens, onesies, hats, bibs and muslin swaddles from John Lewis. I'll do another post on the childrenswear brands I've found and loved.


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