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At this point in my pregnancy I've started to think less about the birth itself, and keeping healthy during the pregnancy; and more about motherhood and how that might feel and look for me.

Any residual (and tenuous) interest in fashion bloggers has waned, and now I spend lots of time dipping into the worlds of women who have children and write about it. I enjoy all of them for different reasons.

Reading My Tea Leaves

Erin's blog is wonderful on all sorts of subjects - living in a small apartment, life in general, food - but it's her approach of minimalism and simplicity to both parenting and 'baby stuff' that really appeals. While it ends up being a frugal approach, it's not really the focus, it's more about approaching being a mother and family in a way which is straightforward and without the unnecessary. She's an excellent source of recommendations for handmade and small business products; as well as practical tips on baby's books, toys, sleep needs and clothing.

Annie Dean

I love Annie Dean! I started out reading her blog a few years ago and adore her life - it's so different to mine - her blog is an insight into a beautiful WASPy New York lawyer mother world. It's underscored by a no nonsense approach to parenting and birth and a minimal, high quality approach to 'stuff' - her minimal baby list and drug free birth story are SO inspiring. I've followed her list to the letter and her account of an epidural free labour has done much more for my confidence and security than endless readings of a fluffy hypnobirthing book.

The Indigo Crew

This Australian blogger and stylist has a beautiful approach to sharing her family life online. It is quiet and subtle and full of craft, book recommendations, cooking and art projects that really appeal to me. I love her focus on the handmade and the simple - it's very inspiring. Her kids watch a film once a week but most of their time is dedicated to playing and making things - they're also beautifully dressed.

Molly Guy on The Glow

Molly Guy is hilarious and blunt and honest and I love her.

"I’m really disorganized. I see all these moms on the subway with Goldfish crackers and seaweed chews in these little Muji Tupperware containers in this perfect little diaper bag and I’m pulling a half-eaten Kind bar out of my Chanel bag with a taxi receipt stuck to it and I’m like 'eat this.'"

"When it comes to being a mother, don't listen to anyone. Absolutely no one. Ignore all of it: the breastfeeding tips, the sleep-training dogma, the attachment parenting books, the wooden toys credo, food allergies hysteria, EVERYTHING. Being a mom is about developing your own style, just like anything else. Your kid is going to be complicated and tormented and amazing just like every other human being that walks this earth no matter what, so trust your instincts and drown out the noise. The only person who knows what your child needs is you."

Mimi Thorisson and Melanie Utzman on Romy and the Bunnies

I adore Mimi's blog and cookbook, and I always make a lot of her Christmas recipes over the holidays. Her life looks idyllic, full of dogs and children in the French countryside. 

And as for myself I suppose, like any mother, I have found that having children puts your focus in the right place–things that once seemed important suddenly don’t seem so important any more. In twenty years, my grandchildren’s lives will be affected by what kind of father my son is–they won’t really care how many pairs of shoes I had.

And of course, the style of Paris Vogue's Melanie Utzman is lovely too, it's nice to see how she interacts with her daughter while keeping a sense of self (Hermes baby furniture? Naturally).  

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  1. Have you heard of Courtney Adamo? I follow her Instagram -http://instagram.com/courtneyadamo - despite being nowhere near motherhood, I just love her beautiful family life and love the way she dresses her kids, all timeless, no brand, classic styles.