please be quiet please

On 'deep archiving'. I like the Buckminster Fuller connection (I am quite partial to a geodesic dome) but cannot comprehend for the life of me the need for deep archiving. I feel so overwhelmed by content and words and data that creating more, in a more detailed fashion seems mad.

Do you feel this way too? Do you feel laden, eyes agog, slack jawed with more pictures, more words, constantly more. Sometimes, I want less, fewer, to turn off, delete apps, unsubscribe, unlike, unfollow. I want to be quiet and to make things with my hands. How are new thoughts created when so much of our work is based on referencing, case studies, quoting and "curating"? 

This new book, Present Shock, is worth a read.


  1. My brain definitely feels overloaded by content. Recently re-discovered...of all things...getting really absorbed into a book. It was wonderful. That said, I still love the internet so much, it just sometimes bites into my brain a little.

    Every time I try to imagine a new colour it ends up being a shade of purple. Dammit!

  2. This is exactly the way I feel right now. Thank you!