come on eileen

Not the right title for such a beautiful, talented and graceful woman - but I couldn't resist. I've harked after an Eileen Gray table ever since I first saw one. So, on a quick jaunt to Paris last weekend it felt serendipitous that posters were plastered all over town for her retrospective at the Pompidou.

Her work still feels fresh and new some eighty years later. I admire her manner and talent, her intellect and pioneering spirit - and that table. That simple, refined, sculptural chrome and glass table that is entirely timeless. It's perfect. To inspire both modernism and Art Deco? To paint, to make rugs, furniture, houses, fabrics, chrome and glass and wood and leather.

Also - further reading on the house E.1027 she built on the French Riviera. I love how she describes this home.

"Gray took issue with Le Corbusier's dictum that "the house is a machine to live in". Rather, she described the house as a living organism, an extension of the human experience, stating that it is not "a matter of simply constructing beautiful ensembles of lines, but above all, dwellings for people."

"Formulas are nothing," she insisted. "Life is everything, and life is simultaneously mind and heart."

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