smells like teen spirit

I've held onto a lot of the loves I had as a teenager. East Coast 90s hip hop, Stephen Malkmus, Nirvana, sneakers, soy chai lattes, boys in bands, not wearing much make up, zines, busted denim jackets. Many things, of course, have changed over the past ten years. 

But, it's been interesting living in London for the first few months, a period of redefinition and a lot of time spent alone - solitude is a great way to work out what you like, and I've enjoyed my er, second youth. This time round, with a whole lot less angst.

Timely, then, that the press release for Brenda Briand's new collection landed in my inbox this morning. It's always a pleasure to see what Benah is offering each season, and I'm lucky enough to have several beautiful bags - they're indispensable.

"I started to think about what it was like to be a teenager back then, and how it has changed now. One of the things that I don't think has changed is how in your late teens you made to think your suppose to have everything figured out.
That what ever decisions you make then, will affect your whole life, and that you need to have a life plan all mapped out."

"And slowly as life carries on you realise, that you actually don't. That you always hold the power to change, how ever far you may be down one path, you can always turn around and head in the other direction. It's just having the confidence to do that, being able to say. Okay, done that now, maybe it didn't work out, maybe it wasn't for me, maybe I've got as far as I can go with it. Either way you realise that things are 'never, ever, forever.'"

Another teenage idol, John Peel. His favourite song, is mine too. A teenage dream - so hard to beat.

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  1. You've reminded me how much I love that song <3