bluer than a new tattoo

Something I don't often talk about here, or talk about at all is my love of tattoos, tattooing culture and the tattoos that I have. It just doesn't seem to fit with a lot of the other aesthetic decisions I make in my life, and I find them quite a private pleasure. While I never tell others the reasons behind my tattoos, they are a very carefully considered part of my body, emblems and decorations that while visually interesting also denote a special, meaningful or painful time in my life.

Sang Bleu is home to much inspiration; and I find the work of Mincka Sicklinger deeply beautiful. I've also really enjoyed the book pictured above, Forever: The New Tattoo.

Sang Bleu is another beautiful printed publication, one I became familiar with when helping my friend Stefan of Two Hands Tattoo with his brand. It's the only tattoo magazine or website that has an art backbone, a delicate hand and a wider understanding of the culture (and some class, which is a total rarity in this world).

Stefan did two of my tattoos, he is a remarkable artist and I love the delicacy of his work. He is extremely educated in the history and context of different styles of tattooing, but he's also widely read and deeply curious about the symbolism of different cultures, religions and traditions.


  1. gosh, i'm so in love with your blog!!!

  2. hey. this book shown here has nothing to do with sang bleu. please get in touch asap info(at)sanbgleu(dot)com & correct this. Thank you. maxime