local: healthy stuff

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices, avocado on sourdough, good coffee. Healthy Stuff is my new favourite cafe, with its impeccably stocked shelves full of nut butters, coconut water, kombucha, skin and homecare products sitting right next to a cute, cosy cafe. Their fresh produce is great too, and the staff are lovely (as is the music selection). I left feeling nourished and yup, healthy.

168 Dalston Lane, London E8


  1. That picture is *far* too sunny to be London. ;) The cafe sounds delicious, though.

  2. Saving all your recommendations for when I move down in summer!


  3. Yay you discovered one of my favourite little places in London! The Hackney salad bags they sell there are delicious too, and so pretty laced with nasturtiums... http://www.growingcommunities.org/organic-box-scheme/salad/ Also have you discovered the De Beauvoir Deli yet? It is jammed with goodies and they do the best doorstop sandwiches!

  4. Looks absolutely perfect ...