l'amour l'apres midi

A fantastic film — the colour palette and costume of Love in the Afternoon by Eric Rohmer is perfectly 1970s Parisian. Makes me want to smoke languidly in a sheepskin coat.

Though happily married to his adoring wife Hélène, with whom he is expecting a second child, the thoroughly bourgeois business executive Frédéric cannot banish from his mind the multitude of attractive Parisian women who pass him by every day. His Chloé and fantasies remain harmless until Chloe (played by the mesmerizing Zouzou), an audacious, unencumbered old flame, shows up at his office, embodying the first genuine threat to Frédéric’s marriage. The luminous final chapter to Rohmer’s “Moral Tales” is a tender, sobering, and wholly adult affair. 


  1. Ooh those polonecks are so good!


  2. I do want to frame every single scene in this... and all of Eric Rohmer's films. -_-