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Picked the brain of Amy Kaehne, Australian-based designer. I like her eponymous label, simple, unfussy, elegant and natural. Thank you for sharing, Amy. 

Tell me about the inspiration & references for your new collection.

The collection is called ‘A Stranger in A Strange Land’. I named it after the 1960s cult novel written by Robert Heinlein. For this collection, I was inspired by 1969 Santa Fe  in New Mexico. My mood board comprised of images depicting religious cult gatherings in the 1960s; desert scenes; all things “Americana”; Jim Morrison; and vintage New Mexico motels.

What is the Amy Kaehne point of difference?

I suppose it comes down to consistency. Each season I design for the same girl. She is relaxed and uncomplicated and refuses to bow down to seasonal trends.

What are you enjoying at the moment - music, film, art, book and websites?

Music – Woods (the band)

Film – 2 days in Paris

Books – My husband and I collect first edition American literature from the 1950s/60s (pictured below). Authors like Bukowski, Fante, Burroughs and Kerouac always inspire me.

I am however currently enjoying Shantaram, which I have been meaning to read for years now!

What are your five favorite pieces of clothing at the moment?

1. Isabel Marant Cords. 2. New Mexico maxi dress from my current collection.

3. Two-tone merino Amy Kaehne jumper. 4. Golden Goose desert boots. 5. Golden topaz necklace.

What beauty products are you using?

I like no-fuss beauty products.

Skincare – Ren cleansing milk & frankincense cream.

Body & Hands – Aseop

Perfume – Lombre by Diptyque

What have you been cooking?

I love cooking but when I’m busy and stressed I don’t do as much as I would like.

When I do cook, I love challenging myself with new and exciting ingredients. I am drawn to exotic and fresh tasting recipes – usually Greek, Middle Eastern and Indian dishes.

Most recently, I made Labne, spinach and ricotta dumplings.

Dream holiday?

I am about to embark on my dream holiday! In three weeks time, my husband and I are going to Bangkok – London – Paris – Barcelona – LA – Mexico! Though I am certain that as soon as I arrive back home there will be a new list of places I’m dying to visit.

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