teenage dream

gathering threads of my musical history.

one/ ‘Bananas in the Mist’ – I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. First year in Auckland, a birthday present to myself for my 16th – the Dandy Warhols played the Powerstation. Shaking in my boots (no fake ID!) and simultaneously petrified of being ejected and electrified to see my Dandy Dandy idols, and fell headfirst instead to Pluto (Courtney Taylor-Taylor, strutting the stage, the most pretentious man I’d ever seen).

two/ Misty bananas led directly into the Velvet Underground and that iconic Warhol cover art – my first record purchase at Crawlspace. Every Saturday after working my shift at Toucan Organic Café on Richmond Road, I’d take my $40 cash and buy a CD. This was the first, and the beginning of a very special year delving into post-punk and NYC in the 70s.

three/ then the Strokes – a chance meeting with another underage boy in a smart suit outside the St. James and a gig we couldn’t get into. From then on we were inseparable, walking K’Rd arm in arm (but never kissing), listening to anything we could get our hands on til the latest of hours, when I babysat and stole glimpses of another life on a translucent hovering turntable and the speakers of the sound- obsessed Papa of my charges. He could wax lyrical about this ROCK AND ROLL EVOLUTION REVOLUTION – PURE AND NEW!

four/ in the liner notes of ‘is this it’, a nod to fabrizio’s idols and inspirations. i charted my musical course through his. first, ‘television’ – it remains in my top five to this day. the drone and incantation pulsed through my headphones and lulled me into a semi-dream of concrete streets and electric hips.

five/ next stop – where else, but patti smith. punk poet goddess. first kiss with my first boyfriend to ‘free money’ at a scungy party in a dirty mt Victoria flat in wellington. under a table, of course. we’d ride around in his old beemer and listen to it on repeat. His mum used to clean the house to patti, bored housewife songs of rage as we curled around the stony sheer cliffs of wellington bays at midnight.


  1. interseting story with great choice of artists.
    as a bored houswife, you know i'm a patti smith fan indeed!

  2. Ah The Strokes. They're the band that turned me off top 40 music back in 2004 as a moody 17-year-old. They'd been around for a while then but discovering them and then buying 'Room on Fire' pretty much changed my life. Seeing them at the St James in 2006 was an experience I'll never forget, I cried, I screamed, I sang, I hug around afterwards hoping to see them.