why can't we all get along?

i'm fascinated by group living and communes.
and it never fails to make me happy that in the 1970s, Norman Kirk's Labour government created the ohu scheme. similar to a kibbutz, it allowed a peppercorn rent for groups of young people to lease pieces of land and create communes, mostly in the coromandel. most failed, but a few remain. 

{recent purchases}

Family by Lauren Dukoff documents a loose group of musicians centred around Devendra Banhart; backstage, at home, practising their music; mostly in California.

Spaced Out: Radical Environments of the Psychedelic Sixties by Alastair Gordon is both coffee table tome and academic exploration and history of communal living and architecture from 1961-69. 

I've also been reading the archives of Californian writer Steffie Nelson, particularly her pieces on L.A. Cosmic and Culture.

I find this all endlessly inspiring, not least for the aesthetic - decaying, makeshift, pieces of embroidery, wood. But for the beautifully naive belief in working together, in creating something bigger that wasn't based on the material.

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