the meander

{light portraits by ashley helvey}

{dmytrij wulffiu}

{small house books}

to follow a winding, turning course

my attention has been drawn to this charming new online journal. it is full of interesting, genuine people, places, ideas, stories. some of whom you might already be familiar with - ashley helvey, haw-lin, thursday sunday. others are new to me - green nose, alex catt. 

there's something to be said for a tightly curated magazine. often i find there is far too much content, an obsession with updating each and every day. the meander has a very considered contents list, but depth where it counts - in the length and depth of the articles.

i can't wait to see more.

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  1. There was a pile of photo editing calling my name, but, well, now I'm just going to wander on over to that site and call it research.