green is the colour

My favourite Pink Floyd song, ever.

Something Else were kind enough to send me some gifts from their new collection.
One of the pieces I was given was this cardigan - chunky cotton knit, slouchy as hell and in a bright shade of grass green; a colour I love.

Like Isabel Marant's summer house, via the New York Times.

An installation by Nathan Coley.

Source unknown.

Dream studio, via Decade Diary.

The magical Chan Marshall.

And my dream garden.


  1. That song, that song...

    Ah and the mossy photo is from here:

    It's my desktop :n )

  2. So much to take in, so: that bikini is making me swoon, I want it! Even though I love my pair of togs and hardly ever have the chance to wear them as it is. That cardigan is gorgeous, that shade of green is one of my favourite colours but I can never find anything I like in it (apart from a pair of chucks that I have my eye on, but it's not enough!)