she's wild at heart

Zoe Marianne's Wild At Heart is an endless stream of carefully curated imagery, almost all of which I have never seen before. Old and new, dark and light, images of poets, artists, musicians, dreams and dreamers. I have been a fan of Wild at Heart for many years - it's an endless source of inspiration and imagery. Her answers here, too, form a reading, watching and listening education I can't wait to embark upon. 

Your website, Wild at Heart, speaks volumes about you. But it's full of images and not too many words. So it's hard to know too much about you, although the important things are immediately apparent. Could you share with us a little more - what do you do each day?

I'm a woman of few words but I like to think it's the quiet ones that sometimes make the most noise.
Still waters run deep.

Everyday is different. I collect and curate varying kinds of material for the purposes of art direction, advertising and research, which is reincarnate for the brands I work with. New surroundings are instrumental in conjuring novel ideas or nods-to so I'm in constant flux, it is a rare thing that two days are ever the same.

You're inspired by many of the things I love - perhaps you could say our idols are the same - Patti, Stevie, Bob, Cat...

For those who underscore the principles of romanticism and the ideology of the expressive, it's hard not to be drawn to the magnetism of those figures. Attributes of the erudite dropout have a strange kind of magic don’t they?

Could you make a list of most loved songs?

Be bop a lula/Gene Vincent
Birdland/Patti Smith
Cinnamon girl/Neil Young
Gold dust woman/Fleetwood Mac
Gymnopedie no.1/Erik Satie
I wonder/Brenda Lee
I'd have you anytime/George Harrison
I'd like to walk around in your mind/ Vashti Bunyan
Loretta/Townes Van Zandt
Mon amie la rose/Francoise Hardy
Oh Yoko/John Lennon
50 ways to leave your lover/ Paul Simon
Rumble/Link Wray
Duchess/Scott Walker
She belongs to me/Bob Dylan
Shivers/The Young Charlatans
Strawberry letter 23/Shuggie Otis
Mystic Lady/ T.Rex
The lady with the braid/Dory Previn
What difference does it make/The Smiths


Amerika/Franz Kafka
Bonjour Tristesse/Francoise Sagan
Breakfast of champions/Kurt Vonnegut
Brideshead revisited/Evelyn Waugh
Call of the wild/Jack London
Franny and Zooey/J.D. Salinger
Gone to earth/Mary Webb
Illuminations/Arthur Rimbaud
La bâtarde/Violette Leduc
Les fleurs du mal/Charles Baudelaire
Light in august/William Faulkner
Nadja/André Breton
Slouching towards Bethlehem/Joan Didion
Songs of innocence and of experience/William Blake
Steppenwolf/Hermann Hesse
The golden bowl /Henry James
The subterraneans/Jack Kerouac
The sun also rises/Ernest Hemingway
Them/Joyce Carol Oates
To the lighthouse/ Virginia Woolf

And films?

3 Women
Black moon
Brewster McCloud
Bronco bullfrog
Céline and Julie go boating
Cléo de 5 à 7
Domicile Conjugal
Grey gardens
La collectionneuse
Les Demoiselles de Rochefort
Meshes of the afternoon
Night of the hunter
Pierrot le fou
Simple men
Stranger than paradise
The blood of a poet
Wings of desire

What's important to you? What have you been making, doing or creating recently?

The pursuit of knowledge and freedom.
Conviction and candour.
Recently I built a little house with my father.
Currently I’m making it a home with my beloved.

Do you love to cook? If so, what do you make?

I do, travelling across the Balkan and Anatolian peninsula as a child I was privy to many cherished culinary traditions and developed a resolute taste for seasonal cooking at a very young age. Travel is still one of the most influential factors for me, nothing else has been more exploratory or quite so significant in provoking a sense of inventiveness. I seldom stick to the same recipes but always make local, organic produce a fundamental part of whatever it is I'm making.

What are you excited about wearing, now or one day soon, whether it's real or something you dream of.

That intangible quality of flowers in one's hair on another warm California day. More Charles Anastase. Rodarte & Rochas.

Thank you, Zoe.

“All photographs are memento mori. To take a photograph is to participate in another person’s (or thing’s) mortality, vulnerability, mutability. Precisely by slicing out this moment and freezing it, all photographs testify to time’s relentless melt.” — Susan Sontag