marriage material

I've been thinking about weddings a whole lot lately - not my own. In the weekend, our bestest friends tied the knot, and I'm working on a beautiful project for Simon James Design that means I'll be thinking about weddings a whole lot more. Where do you read about weddings, what do you think is beautiful and important when you get married? I love the images from Cheri Messerli's wedding, how beautiful!

Art project Get Hubbied is of interest, too. A couple entrusted their entire wedding to a collaborative effort by artists including Ed Ruscha. More here.


  1. These photos are lovely. I'm starting to think about my wedding now though it will probably be two years away! I picked up Vogue Spain bride overseas and it's filled with the most beautiful shoots and great ideas for dresses/bouquets.
    I like intimate weddings with lots of personal touches. Oh and how could I forget, food!

    Can't wait to see what you've been working on.


  2. Real romance.

    Pink roses scattered everywhere as well as candles, hippie flower wreaths for the bridesmaids, quotes from Shakespearean sonnets in the speeches and good food. And champagne - pink bottles of Moet on every table.