waste of space

2012 means living a more sustainable life (what does that even mean?).

Treading gently. Less waste. Being more thoughtful with what I buy, and what I throw away. What I put in my body. What I read, watch and see. Where my money goes.

I'd like to watch this film
Exciting stuff. 

But seriously. It's so important. And so easy (and far too easy to forget).

Buying local.

By people who care about what they're making or growing.
Keeping a cloth bag in your handbag for groceries.
Only buying favourite magazines.

{Will I keep this forever?}


Buying a Keep Cup.
Using a metal water bottle rather than a series of ones that just get relegated to the rubbish.

Buying second-hand whenever possible. Books, furniture - they just have so much more soul.

I'll never be able to give up my favourite trashy treats.

But everything in moderation.

1. Mark Borthwick's home in 01 magazine
2. Lucy Marr in her glass house by The Selby
3. Russh editorial

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