the perfect steak

Choose a good cut of meat. My favourite is eye fillet - tender, no fat or gristle. Also the most expensive, but if you only eat meat once or twice a month then it's nice to go all out. You want about 200g of meat per person.

Ideally, you'll have a heavy, cast-iron frypan or grill pan.
Set your element to very hot.
Brush one side of the steak with olive oil, and grind on lots of fresh black pepper. 
Never salt your meat before you cook it.
Sear it.
(Rare: 2-3 mins each side. Medium: 3-4 mins each side)
Brush the other side with olive oil, and another grind of pepper.
Sear that side.

Take it off the heat, wrap it in tinfoil and rest for 10 minutes before serving...

Ideally with a simple green salad, crispy roast potatoes and a glass of red wine as big as your head.

Herb butter if you can be bothered.

Best cooked topless with Zeppelin on the stereo a la Kate Moss.

For perfect classic and simple dishes that you wish you'd been taught as a teenager, this book is the best.