la guggenheim

Jackson Pollock, Lavender Mist

Reading Peggy Guggenheim's biography, Mistress of Modernism.
Wildly wealthy and quite wicked with men, she gallivants her way around Europe, eschewing the expected marriage to someone fitting, instead amassing a collection of modern art that would form the basis of the Guggenheim Museum. 

Violent affairs with Duchamp, Beckett and many more, her lavish bohemian lifestyle is an inspiration.

A sprawling chateau in the south of France.
Fast cars.
Three day parties.
Her children named Sinbad and Pegeen.
Monthly checks to all her friends.

But more than that, a real iron belief in art. A love of breaking tradition, of supporting the anarchist movement, of poetry and abstract paint on canvas, no matter what the naysayers said.

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