green is the colour

I taught myself to garden.

Only because I couldn't find anywhere online to tell me how.

Do you know anywhere good?

Here's how I do it.

You'll need:
- a trowel
- gardening gloves
- compost
- organic potting mix
- a watering can or hose

1. Think about the climate where you live. Is it sunny, frosty, wet, windy, hot?
2. Think about the space you have to create a garden. If you're in an apartment or renting, buy as many containers as you can fit in your outdoor area. You can buy half-wine barrels, terracotta pots, pre-made wooden planter boxes. If you have the time, and the space, a clear patch of garden or lawn can be dug up for a 'proper' garden.
- place pegs at each corner of a 1m square (or larger, if you have space)
- string between to create guidelines
- dig up this area with a big spade, turning it over and aerating the soil
- cover with plastic for a month or two to kill all the weeds
- then, dig in a big bag of compost (from the garden centre) or some you've made although that's a different post
- leave it for two weeks
- now you're ready to plant!
3. Choose plants to suit your space and climate. Here's a good guide, if you're in New Zealand. A quick search will turn up the right guidelines if you're elsewhere in the world.

To be continued...